Native Animal Rescue Group

See wildlife in need of care? 48461900

How can you help NARG?

Please consider making a direct  donation to help NARG continue working for the animals and the community. 
You can buy our famous Wombat Calendar
 or buy a Raffle ticket (ON SALE NOW) 
or join NARG as a member or make a tax deductible donation.
 or report a mange affected wombat (see the photo)

See an animal in need of care?

Our animal friends rely on our help in times of need. If you see an animal that is sick, injured or seems disorientated, or a  wombat affected by mange (see the above photo), please phone us immediately on 48461900.  

We will discuss options with you or send out a wildlife carer to make an assessment - but we are all volunteers and to save the life of a beautiful orphaned baby like this one above will rely on the support NARG receives from people who care about the environment and wildlife.

About NARG


  • facilitates skilled animal carers to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife in and around Braidwood NSW
  • provides regular training and support for local volunteer carers and hosts a 24 hour/7 day phone line for members of the public to report animals in need of assistance in the Braidwood area
  • has a large network of experienced carers who look after a large variety of animals including wombats, echidnas, kangaroos, possums, sugar gliders, bats, birds and everything in between.

NARG is a community organisation located in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. NARG hosts a wildlife rescue hotline that is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the general public to report wild animals in need of assistance.

Each animal is rescued, assessed and transported to the most appropriately skilled and experienced local carer to manage its immediate needs, future rehabilitation and release. We can only continue to provide these services with the help of our wonderful partners, members and donors (big thanks to all).